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 (( Warning & Rules (OOC Thread) ! ))

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PostSubject: (( Warning & Rules (OOC Thread) ! ))   Mon Nov 01, 2010 8:56 pm

LSPD Official Rules

1. IC and OOC Corruption in PD is not allowed , if we found you do so, you'll be automatically kicked from PD.
2. Don't use any cars if you won't to park it back on the HQ, do so, automatically suspended for a week from PD.
3. You have you to active atleast 5 hours in 2 days. If you want to absent or permission to offline for a few days PM Kyle or Sergei (Altair).
4. Trolling in /ro will be suspended for a few days.
5. Dirty cop will be permanent banned from PD, even they apply again with another character.
6. Always Roleplay whereever and whenever you are. Even with nubs.
7. If you have another character in any Official Faction, your PD Character should be the main one unless you got permission from Kyle or Sergei to make your another character as a main one.
8. Every PD member must take Detective Job.
9. If you're on duty you have to be available in Team Speak, if there's no Room in TS, create it.
10. If you're permanently banned from PD, don't bother to apply again if you got permission from Kyle and Sergei.
11. Always be humorous.
12. DM with each other in PD Headquarter will be automatically suspended.
13. Always say "hello" to Kyle if he's online.
14. If you're a Helper or Admin, If you're leaving your car during RP because an OOC problem please if you're done, get back to your car and resume your RP.

The rules is always being updated!

Regards, Kyle.
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PostSubject: Re: (( Warning & Rules (OOC Thread) ! ))   Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:46 am

((Rulesnya jarang dipatuhin deh.))
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(( Warning & Rules (OOC Thread) ! ))
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